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Gina working on big tree out front

Day 1

Keep it out of the power lines, Gina

Gina gets the heebie jeebies when she goes high


April 1, 2020

 Lee and Gina have decided to distance ourselves

 from the world as best we could during the pandemic.

We like fresh air and sunshine and decide to build

a little 2/1 house on Henderson St.


First we have to clean up the lot

Chain saw day Bill cutting out the top Cutting down the woodpecker restaurant

Gina Cutting Down the Woodpecker Restaurant



Gimme five,  Ginger

Ginger Dog  Apr  2020

What happens when you drop a gallon of fix a flat

Neighbors told me to clean up this mess.

Oke Doke

Cutting up trees and digging up driveway 


Trees from Henderson Lot

What a pair to draw to

Ma and Pa Kettle Ready for the Summer Heat 


Digging up sidewalk


Loading the dumpster with a chain


Lotsa weight in this dumpster

Gina and I had to stop while we broke up concrete driveway   So we worked on pier at Baffin Bay.   High tide took out the center.
Connecting to T head Last few feet I think that is 253 feet back to land
Sweet Gina resting with Ginger
This is a great picture of us working at Baffin Bay. 

 We had two big tables that rotted and fell apart

 and we made one small table out of the pieces.


What you can't see is the cool breeze

that blows in from the water that keeps

the knats out of your nose and eyes.

   It makes it very comfortable outside.


Lee leaning on the fence

This is the new fence we built.   We used the two mesquite

trees for fence posts and they look like they belong on a

fence.  We left a gap at the end to get a lawnmower through.

Gina and the little rattlesnake

Later we found another one about the same size  floating in the bay.

I wanted to relocate it.    Bill said it was a danger to kids, he would have voted to kill it too.   And Gina squashed a black widow the other day on the fence.   I wanted to let it go too.
I didn't hear it but Gina did.   It was just a little one and had a big rat inside him. I wanted to catch and relocate but I got outvoted 3 to 1.   If you are ever in a firefight you want Lori on your side.   She went into camphouse and got her service pistol.   One shot blew off his head.   Gina and I skinned him and I fried up the meat.  Very small so I got only a few strips.   I ate 2,  Susan ate 2,  Gina ate 2,  Ginger ate one and we had a Marine in the store from Illinois.  He ate one piece.  Nobody else would eat any.   We saved a few more pieces for Gina's daughter, son and husband. I have the hide drying in the sun.
That is Lori in the shorts without her .40 cal.

She is very sweet but don't mess with her.

Lee and Lori Ginger and Gina
We did some chain sawing and clearing We ended up with a big brush pile to burn Then we started reroofing the tin building

Baby Hawk

Slow and easy through the rough places

Big grub in the dirt.  A feast on Naked and Afraid.

Sucker has pincers on the front end.  Did not hurt but it startled me.

 We put him back in the dirt from whence he came.

Before we started we had to call the bee man to get rid of some Africanized bees.  Gina is deathly afraid of bees because of prior experience. Old roof was rusty and holey.  We screwed down some boards and plywood for support.  We ran out of tin and Lowes was also out.  So we had to buy the last 3 sheets from

McCoys.  It was heavier tin and 2 bucks cheaper too.

Gina surveying the finished roof.

Gina was working on the pier.  She looked around and Lee and Ginger were hiking down the beach..  Took me a few days to corrupt her but now we all three go hiking on the beach every day.   We find caps and bait buckets and corks and lures and building materials.  One day we started finding eggs.  We did not know what kind of eggs they were but we found seventeen in all.  Bird eggs, rattlesnake eggs,  turtle eggs,  we did not know.  So we buried fourteen of them in the sand in case they were turtle eggs and took 3 home to do research. Turns out they are quail eggs.   We don't know where they came from to float up on the beach.   So this batch won't hatch but there are still lots of baby quail in the field.

We also saw some javelina,  buzzard, turtles, hawks, and coyotes on the side of the road and in the fields.  We like watching wild creatures.  

Rain shower ran us off the roof.   So now we are working on deck around the pool.

Gina knows how to swing a sledge better than me

Nice big drum Kids have found the new pier,  They had a blast and caught some fish too. Drum and trout
Lori and her big Redfish eye to eye Lori found a coupla reds worth mentioning

One was 39 inches the other 42

Caught in Baffin Bay - June 2020

Much Fun Catching and Just as Much Fun Releasing

Lori and her big Redfish
International Bridge over the Rio Grande International Bridge over the Rio Grande

Went to Mexico for Hydroxychloroquine, Azithromycin, and Zinc Sulfate.  I found them all but the prices have gone up.   My pharmacist, Hector, said the Chloroquine still costs about a dime a pill to manufacture but the drug companies and wholesalers have raised prices due to new demand.  I paid 1.50 per pill but other pharmacies wanted 2 - 3 bucks a pill.  My friend Joe took this picture of the line to get back into the US.   It started in Progresso and went all the way across the bridge to the border patrol checkpoint on the US side.   I think it was more than 2 hours of waiting.  They checked me pretty close too.  Wanted to make sure I didn't have contraband.  I had antibiotics, hand sanitizer, vanilla, mop, and a bottle of tequila for Bill.

I chose this picture because the lady behind me had such a

 cheerful wave. 

Duck Pic

Duck that hangs out at Gina's house


Pretty Bird May.June 2020

Gina's pet dove that fell out of the nest and she hand raised for months.  She took the cage outside and gave her freedom but she comes back every day or so to visit and eat inside the cage

Gina said she would mush up baby oatmeal and soy milk and put it into a syringe and feed it until it got large enough to eat from an eye dropper.

Then she would mush up bird seed and soy milk.   It roams free now but comes back to visit every couple of days,  flies back inside the cage and eats and drinks and then flies off again.    When Gina would call "Pretty Bird" it dips its head at her.  It thinks of her as it's mother.  

Gina 6-20

New deck looking South

New deck looking North

New deck on far side, old deck up close

Bill wanted some stain and water seal on his trailer

Gina  sprayed  it on and I smoothed it with a brush

Water Seal had a pink tint

Susan did not want pink deck.

She got the stain but not the pink water seal.

Notice that fine hand rail that Gina designed.   Plenty sturdy.

We found a pan and roller worked best.    Ginger on guard duty 


Old step in front of Morgan Bldg - An ankle twister

Not too pretty but safe enough for GingerDog

Can;t find a concrete crew to pour slab for the little house.  So  Gina and I

decided to  build the storage shed first.

Back to our building project.  Lot got overgrown.

Mower and a shade first.  Heat index  113 -  114 here in July


We started building the storage shed first


Heavy duty bridge timbers around foundation 

Folks that know me know that I do not own a watch.   Or a phone.  We have started working 7 to 11am because that is the coolest part of the day.  So how do we know when it is quitting time>?   Our sundial.


While Gina and I were working on our storage shed in Bishop, we had a little setback on Baffin Bay.   Ordinarily a Cat 1 storm is a nothing event.  But Hurricane Hanna came in south of us on Saturday Aug 25 with winds of 80mph and high tides.  We lost the whole pier Gina and I had spent 2 months rebuilding, tree fell on my catamaran sailboat crushing it, another tree fell on the boat shed that we had just put the new tin on top, and Marina Del Sol in Corpus Christi was destroyed causing considerable damage to my 32 ft Irwin sailboat knocking a hole in the bow.  Very few piers sustained no damage, some just lost the T head on the end.   But many, like mine were totally destroyed and needed rebuilding.   

Baffin Bay pier after Hurricane Hanna Aug 25, 2020

The pier to our north was still there.   But the rest of the piers past it were completely gone.

Cleanup crew on the beach to north

Debris on the beach looking south