Back O Bay Guide Service 

 Outdoor Adventure with Captain Darrell Kemper 

T.P.W.D. / U.S.C.G. Licensed Captain Specializing in the Laguna Madre and Baffin Bay Area

Classic Outdoor Pictures from the Back Bays

Once in a lifetime catch from Baffin Bay.

Cap'n Darrell Kemper has spent his life hunting and fishing the Port Lavaca and Laguna Madre area.  He loves to run his boat and fish the shallows. He can identify all those fish and has always found his way back home.  For a special outdoor adventure - Darrell Kemper . 

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Fishing Guide Service

Back O Bay Fishing 

Back O Bay Hunting and Fishing is designed to meet your varied needs no matter what your tastes.  Depending on the season and your desires, you might get up early and watch the sun come up from a back bay fishing hole.  Or drift into a flock of diving birds. Or you may like to wade the back bays looking for that big trout or that school of feeding reds. The Gulf Coast is known worldwide for it's abundance of trophy fish.  

While we can't promise you trophy game on every trip, we can promise an exceptional outdoor adventure that will take your mind off the pressures and worries of everyday life. It will bring you pleasurable memories for years to come.  Captain Darrell Kemper


             Big Specled Trout from Baffin Bay

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