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May 2012.   Dennis and I finished the pop up camper and it was time to take it out for a test run.  Dennis did most of the work, I just supplied moral support.  I had the vision.

The vision was to take grandkids camping around Texas and the rest of this great nation.  This was the first trip, a one night stay at Brazos Bend State Park just outside Richmond Tx.

This was our first camping trip in the A-Frame Pop-Up (aka: 'Hobbit House') that Dennis and Lee built. Well, Dennis built it, but Lee did assistance when needed. I suppose you could call this our  "shake-out" trip. We found some things that worked better than expected, and some that need a bit of tweaking. We took our two oldest grandsons, Christian and Caiden, (aka: B1 and B2) to the Brazos State Park, near Needville TX. It is about a 5,000 acre natural preserve with marsh and woods and a couple of lakes and it is home to the George Observatory and supposedly the largest number of alligators of any preserve! However, we never saw one, to our boys' disappointment. We did see deer, birds, rabbits, squirrels, and a multitude of bugs...I even saw fireflies. I have not seen many of those in years. I was surprised that even though we were fairly close to the marsh areas, mosquitoes were not an issue. Not sure why.







Oh yes.  Susan started telling me what all I had done wrong even before we left town.

1.  Didn't check the trailer lights

2.  Can't see the speedometer or odometer, need glasses

3.  Didn't check brakes on truck

4.  Can't hear the Front is Squeaking

5.  Junk in floorboard

6.  Started from stop too slow then took corner way too fast

7.  Can't find park

8.  Never fixed seatbelts

9.  Didn't tie the poles good enough - slip sliding

10.  Tailgating an 18 wheeler

11.  Haven't fixed the windshield

12.  Can't park right

13.  Can't start truck, couldn't find park again

14.  Didn't make sure the A/C was working before we left

15.  Throwing boys around inside the truck - wild ride

16.  Didn't go to the bathroom when he should have

17.  Didn't put alcohol or peroxide in medicine kit

18.  Cut the trailer light wires

19.  Parked on RR track

20.  Making people think he is drunk

21.  Parked in bank parking lot and have to walk to Jack in the Box

22.  Had to stop to tie poles down again

There was one more but it didn't get written down.  The boys got a kick out of that list.