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My favorite Picture from July 4, 2009

Subject: Fw: the 4th of July
 We took off from work and went to Baffin Bay.  Bill was already there cooking when I showed up Saturday morning.  He had some of the best sausage that I have ever eaten. I think Mike and Tammy brought it to him.
Dawn and Sky and the Bubbas were there already, they got in during the nighttime.  I took the 3 bubbas swimming.
In the afternoon people started showing up.  I guess there were 40 or 45 people altogether, but some would leave and come back, some would just drop by to visit.  Bill cooked brisket and hot dogs and chicken.  Mary's son cooked beef ribs, some of the best I have ever eaten.  Tammy brought a fruit salad, the best I have ever eaten.  Bonita brought apple pie.  Not the best but close to it.
Bambi and Jackie made cupcakes.  Somebody made potato salad and I made beans.
Susan drove herself out there and when we got ready for the big bang contest she chose to leave, she had a headache.  But she can't just get in her car and leave, she had to talk first.  Jeremy's big bang shook the ground and the neighborhood.  It was some kind of explosive that he set off with a .223 rifle.  It took the top of a pier post off and surprised everyone sitting out there.  Susan said she was going to have a heart attack.  She finally left.  She called back and said the highway patrol and county cars and fire trucks were on their way out there. 
I waited a while and told Dawn to call and tell her they had me and Bill in handcuffs but a fight had broken out with the other guests and they were calling for reinforcements.
But it was too late, they had already told her that the police didn't show up, they must have been headed some other place.
I swam with the Bubbas and showered off with the hose and visited with people all afternoon and kept my cool.
We have pictures but I can't get Susan to get them out of her camera.
I think everyone had a good time, we ate well and had plenty to drink.  But it was so hot and so much food that nobody got drunk.
Late that night, Bill and Mary and some of her brood, and Tammy and her people went over to Tammy's brothers beer joint in Riviera. He was having his grand opening and they said he had a crowd.
I was tired boy and went to sleep with lady dog on the couch.
Lady dog ate too much and was sickly and puuty for a day or 2.  Then she came back to life.
We were glad to come back to work to rest up.
Oh yeah, the cannon failed to fire and my fire bomb blew over into the water and put it out.  So Jeremy won the big bang contest.