Graduation Day August 2006


Pomp and Circumstance    Texas A&M    Kingsville Texas

Let me see.  Sky graduated high school in 1992.  2006 looks like 14 years to get his diploma.  That is a new family record.  Now let's look at the pictures and see what else is interesting.

That is Sky on the row all by himself. He arrived late for his graduation ceremony and they put him in timeout his last day of school. That girl behind him looks like she is bored with the whole thing.


There were some speeches but the sound was bad and nobody could understand what any of the speakers had to say. I wonder if the school even knows about it?  It hasn't changed since the last graduation ceremony I attended.

Sky and his Mom.

Sky and his Dad.

Sky with Mom and Dad.

      Sky with his Diploma. OK, he did graduate Summa Cum Laude. That's about as high as it gets. So he must have something on the ball.

After Graduation Congratulations


After graduation congratulations and hugs from everybody.

Now all he needs is a J. O. B. so he can feed hungry Bubbas.

Go Javelinas!

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