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Mr. Turkey is Learning about Thanksgiving  --  SAY WHAT???

Mr. Turkey is Learning about Thanksgiving  --  SAY WHAT??? 

Coyote   Eliminators

Outfitting a Princess, T-E-X-A-S style.....
Fischer Phillips turned in her ballet slippers for new hunting boots and rifle..

               Gown and Rifle, a real Texas gal         

Fisher Phillips  June 2019

And here is Fisher and her mother Heidi with Nilgai that Fisher shot with that rifle

June 2019


Brian Turkey  Spring 2019

Brian Buhr -  Saskatchewan Canada   April 2019


Sping Turkey  2019

Brian Buhr -  Saskatchewan Canada   April 2019

Spring Turkey 2019

Brian Buhr - April 2019

Brian Buhr - From Saskatchewan Canada   April 2018

Brian Buhr -  From Saskatchewan Canada   April 2018

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Sept 23, 2016  Outside Kingsville TX

Sept 23, 2016  Outside Kingsville TX  A group of wild turkeys is a flock.   A group of domesticated turkeys is a rafter or gang.

Joe's Christmas Buck  December 2014

Joe's Christmas Buck  December 2014

Irwins from Austin TX  

James and Riley Irwin          March 22, 2014

Cole's Nilgai 2009

Cole's Nilgai   Jan 2009

First Deer 2012 - Archery Season - Score 223

First Deer 2012 - Archery - Score 223

Kelsey's 9 Pointer - First Buck

Great niece Kelsey.  This is her first buck, 9 points.  Shot in Pekin, IN.

12 Pointer - He is still alive and well.  Just a young buck, he has many years left to roam the range. Pic by Sam Perez

Me and Luke

Future Hunter Luke  Son of Ed and Christol  Sept 10, 2013  (he a heavy boy too!)

January 2008 - Nice buck scored 158+ taken by Samuel Perez on ranch south of Kingsville Texas.

Hudson's First Buck - Dec 2005

My name is Hudson Barineau and I shot my first buck on Friday December 29, 2005 with my trusty .243 Sako bolt action rifle.  This 9 point buck weighed 102 lbs and was aged at 5 ½ years old.  I was hunting on the El Sauz Ranch in Willacy County.  Mom, dad and my sister had corn fed the roads earlier that morning and this buck paused about 100 yards away for a quick snack while chasing nearby does.  Although I was nervous, I put the cross hairs on the buck’s neck and squeezed off a shot dropping the buck in its tracks.  


That's a mighty fine deer you have there

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Junior hunter with deer and javelina

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Plenty of deer in South TexasAnother nice deer, DonnieBig rack 2008

2008 Rack  Score 213

Ashley Neeley Caribou

Ashley and Jim Neeley Caribou

Jim Neeley

Doug's Deer Stand


Tammy and Doug

Mack the Dan Post Rep - See Robyn behind him

Robyn trying to hide                      Smilin Robyn in Gameguard Shirt

She didn't know she was in this picture      Here she is again.

Cole's Nilgai   Jan  2009   Six Years Old?

Shotgun Evonne     Archery Evonne Evonne with Pink Snakeguardz

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Pink Snake Guards

Pink Snakeguardz