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Outdoor Country is located near Kingsville, Texas.

We are located at 621 Highway 77 South in
Bishop, Texas (just 5 minutes from Kingsville) .
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Top Map is incorrect.  Coming south, the road to the right is the business highway.  Keep left on the bypass.
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Maps from MapQuest™ ---If you follow MapQuest you will be lost most of your life. We are actually on the main highway,  Hwy 77 bypass, just down from the Dairy Queen right by the Taqueria Jalesco with the orange roof. Stop by and visit, we have the coffee pot on.


This site is owned and operated by Outdoor Country.  We are a family owned business with our retail location in Bishop, TX. We are  dedicated to supplying  our customers the finest name brand merchandise. We have been in business over 20 years and  moved into cyberspace in 1999, with our first website www.boots99.com . At our retail location we carry boots and shoes from Justin, Chippewa, Red Wing, Rocky, Durango, Georgia, LaCrosse and more and can now offer these fine brands nationwide.

 Our websites are our online catalogs which enable us to offer a much larger selection of boots than we carry in our store and since we have them drop-shipped directly from the manufacturers, we can offer lower prices because we don't have to hold them in our inventory. Although we make every effort to keep our sites current, there are times a boot manufacturer is temporarily out of a style or size of boot.  If the boot you ordered is not immediately available for shipment, we will contact you to see if you would like a different brand/style.  If you don't, we will simply cancel the order.