Longtime friend and fisherman Mr. H.A. Dial.                                                Outdoor Country

Mr. H A Dial - Kingsville Texas

Jaime said, just because you write "It's Legal" on the picture, that doesn't make it legal.

Butch said to ask Jamie how he knew so much about illegal Redfish.

This is Mr. H.A. Dial my fishing partner. He has been fishing all his life and has some stories to tell. 

Black Drum from Baffin Bay 2006

Big Trout from 30+ years ago. Mr. Dial was a lot younger back then.  Weren't we all.

Mr. Dial 21 inch Flounder             Fall of 2008  Mr. Dial Still Fishing

Fall 2008  ---  Nice Flounder and Trout, Mr. Dial

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