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    Tree Cat  January  2017  She lives in the tree and only comes down to eat.   I call her Blackie

Tree Cat  Spends her life in the tree  

 Tree Cat in afternoon sun     

Tree Cat  January  2017  She lives in the tree and only comes down to eat.   I call her Blackie


Fate of a Jack O Lantern.....


Halloween  2016

   Colton's Pumpkin      Lee /  Susan   Oct  2017

Halloween  2016   Lee and Colton Jack o Lantern       That is a goatee on Colton's Pukin.             Lee /  Susan   Oct  2017                               

  Lazy Daisy  Oct  2016     Loves her Recliner         

Lazy Daisy  Oct  2016   Loves her Recliner                                           Ginger Nov  2016        

Oct  2016               

 What happens when you lose your hat while mowing.  I'm glad my head was not in it. ----        Lisa  October  2106


Spider  7 - 2016                                                Spider  9 - 2016

I think she ate her male partner.  Then she ate a dragon fly which I didn't like because they eat mosquitoes.  And now we are wondering how many more spiders are in that sack.  I bet it is 150.

Well, our cotton spider had a visitor and now, appears to be starting her family......She has moved from her "bachelorette" pad, over to the fence by the gate. I guess she feels it a more suitable spot, to raise her clan. I preferred her old spot. She is now too close to where I have to put my hand to open the gate, for my liking!

Prissy Dog and Trixie        Scruffy Dog and Trixie

Prissy Dog   Scruffy Dog   Trixie Pig  April  2016

Halloween 2014 The Witch and Friends

Halloween 2014  

Lisa and Sparky - Oct 2012  

38' Seafarer  -Surviving the System   Grace Irwin 32  Anchored off Ingleside Fall of 2014

"Surviving the System"   February 2014                                 Grace Irwin Anchored off Ingleside Tx   Oct  2014           

Polly - February 2014   Jeremy and Polly

 Gina      Jake

Gina and Jake in their Ghillie Suits

  July 2013 Papaw and Mimi

Grandpa and Grandma can do anything they want with their life.  Look very intelligent to me.

Susan rode it before Mary

July  2013  Pawpa and Mimi


Bill and Mary

Bill and Mary  October 2009-Stopped Smoking Sept 28, 2010

Rene with one e, a true Seattle Seahawks fan


The Seattle Seahawks battle the mighty Dallas Cowboys - Jan 6 2007  -- Dallas would have won too but they gave Tony Romo a greased football. He was so despondent he tried to commit suicide.  But he dropped the knife.


Forgot my dark glasses                     Tin Foil Hats for everyone

                       Look at how skinny I was back then.               Me and Lady Dog don't trust anybody.  Our tin foil hats block the effects of mysterious rays being beamed into our brains, either from outer space or the CIA, which they ridicule, only proving that they are in on the conspiracy, as far as I am concerned.  "You are not paranoid if they really are out to get you."-- Jimmy Shimek

Get your sailboats ready

Launching the great sailboat race    zx

Launch the Great Sailboat Race

On the pier fishing with Bubba 1 and Bubba 2

Everyone should be proud to have such a boss.

Two more Bubbas since that picture was taken. B3 and B4. Can't remember all the names now so I just give them numbers.

October-2009 Bill and Mary

Bill and Mary  Oct 2009

Robyn and Lulu

Robyn and Lulu   Dec 2009

Crystal and Lady dog

Crystal trying on boots with help from Lady Dog.  Lady got Christmas present too.

Tammy  May 2010

Lisa May 2010

Sparky in His Cowboy Hat 2012

Sparky   October 2012

Dennis 2010

Bill May 2010

Hi Tammy

Tammy  Oct  2010

Steve Fuchs

Steven  Oct  2010

Susan Hard at Work

Bill and Michelle

Tammy's Last Day   June 2012

Tammy and Robyn   June 2012

Bill at Warren Street House   October  2012

'57 T-Bird      Jan   2103

5 Bubbas

4 Bubbas  1 Bubbette   July  15,  2013 


Fitting Hunter with Boots  Feb 2015 

Liz family reunion

Liz Family   

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