Reidda Drive   May 2016                           Home


                Some Blood, Sweat and Tears                                   


Start Date  July 11, 2016   Ruben  Chapa    956- 212- 5948   Master  Plumber   


Iron Work - Rebar  7-25-16


Iron Work - Rebar  7-25-16

Form Builders -  Sergio Vidaurri   956-534 6971 

Thunder the Horse

                          Project Supervisor - Thunder




First Load of Concrete

First Load of Concrete  July 27. 2016

Sergio Vidaurri   956-534 6971 Superb Concrete Man in White

Sergio Vidaurri   956-534 6971 Superb Concrete Man in White

  It's Called a Screed - Hard Work Too

It's Called a Screed - Hard Work Too  - Smoothing out Concrete

Sergio Vidaurri 

Sergio  Smoothing it Out

  Hector is son of Sergio - He is a fine young man

Hector is son of Sergio - He is a fine young man


Thunder,  Our Back Yard Neighbor Checking us Out


Thunderstorm on First Day  July 28,2016

First Day Framing  July 28,2016


Second Day Framing  July 29,2016


Rey Putting in Corner Braces


Corner Brace on Every Corner


Martin, Fernando, Rickardo, Raul, Reynaldo





Martin the Saw Man


Reynaldo  the Other Saw Man

Andres and Rey




Second Day Framing

These Guys Come Ready to Work


Ice Chest with Coke, Sprite and Sometimes Bananas and Tomatoes 

Two Water Jugs - One With Water, One Gator Ade


Generator to 5 Plug Adaptor for Saws, Drills, Electric Impact

Air Compressor and 4000 Watt Generator



Air Compressor Feeds Big Air Bottle with Manifold for 4 Nail Guns


Extra Long Roof Rafter


Plumbing Problem - 8 inches forward


Plumbing Repair


Martin and Fernando





Be careful Mr. Lee.  Be careful Mr. Lee

I like the Roof,  I might spend the night up here.

Don't roll out of Bed.


Andres calculating angles and roof rafters



Back Porch Ceiling


Framing Day 5  -  Looks Like a House Now

Tar Paper


Andres and Raul Medina - 7 Days to Build this House

Finish Framing - Took One Week to Frame


Scrapes to the Landfill


Ray Starting on Electricity


Wiring Finished in One Day


Front Door   August 2016


Shingles Aug 22, 2016

Shingles Aug 23, 2016