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Baffin Bay   Sept  2019   First Fish EVER CAUGHT



Lori caught drum and redfish Feb 2016

    Lori Baby Drum   Feb  2016

Gina's big drum Sept 2013

Baffin Bay Pier Sept 2013 -  A Magical Night of Fishing

Lindsey and big drum, July 2004

Nice Drum, Lindsey.  That is a fine Baffin Bay Drum.  Tell us about the one that got away!   

Another fine catch

Eight pound Bass

Eight Pound Bass

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Gilbert Trout 3-14-12 Baffin Bay

Red Snapper


Lee's trout


For the adventure of a lifetime fishing Baffin Bay call Captain Benny Whisler at:

            Phone 1-361-297-5646

Cell 1-361-296-4681

Big Trout of the Night-It almost got away

Gina's Big Trout  Sept 2013


Baffin Bay March 2012


  Corey's Big Red - Sept 2006                

Corey Likes Those Redfish

   August 2008

Joe Henry Drum and Son

Baffin Bay - July 2010

Joe Henry Black Drum

Black Drum - Baffin Bay


Doug's Redfish

Doug's Redfish *(Over 47 Inches)  Sept  2011  Palacios TX