Welcome to the best sporting goods store in South Texas. We specialize in rifles, shotguns, ammunition and have the best supply of snake boots in the country. We also carry steel toe work boots for the working man and woman.                                                                                   


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For years we have brought the best quality sporting goods and footwear to South Texas. Now we offer the same good service throughout the Continental USA.  




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Monday - Friday 9 - 5:30 and Saturday 9 -12 Closed Sunday

621 Hwy 77

Bishop, TX 78343 -  361-584-2562

Archery accessories, targets, as well as bows and arrows are available year round at Outdoor Country.

Us at work and Play 

Snake Bite Protection 

Chippewa Boots Snake boots and Packers
Justin Boots and Justin Ropers
Red Wing Steel Toe Boots
Georgia Work Boots and Wellingtons
Snake Bite Protection
Dan Post Boots Dingo Laredo Boots
John Deere Boots
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Work boot, western boots, dress boots, hiking boots, and snake boots drop shipped to you
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Filson Gear Bags and Accessories
Brush Country Camouflage Clothing
Gameguard Camo Clothing
Archery Equipment and Supplies
Hunting Deer, Hogs, Quail, Javelina, and Nilgai in south Texas
Big Trout and Reds and Drum make a great fishing trip
Outdoor Country in Bishop TX

 Hunting PageRobyn is Shy but Happy Girl


Romeo is Proud of his new boots

Romeo in New John Deere Camo Boots-October 2010

John Deere Birthday

Birthday Boy August 2008

Aug 2008

Corey loves water and redfish

Corey Redfish


Twisted X Boots


Jake Sept 2012

Gina Drum

Gina's Big Drum - Bigger Than the Sink

Butch Thompson holding a 7 foot Diamondback Rattlesnake

Butch is 6' 2"


Ronald Reagan 1911 - 2004



Lee and Gina Surviving the Covid-19



Nice big drum

June 2020

Drum and trout

Drum and Trout from Baffin Bay   June 2020

3 Clowns and One Fish

Angleton Lake   April   2019  Brant, Bill, Hazel


Hazel Gar July 2017

Yes,  Hazel Caught this Gar.   July  2017

Lori actually caught 6 but she gave the rest away.

Lori Caught this Red Snapper July 2017  Good Eating Too.

Wild Turkeys  --  Kingsville TX

Sept  2016  Kingsville TX   Flock of Turkeys

Lorenzo's Third Deer  Nov  2010

Lorenzo Deer

Happy Lisa November 2016

Lisa  Nov  2016


Sky  Rhia  Sept  2016     Girls and Horses Go Together

Rhia  Sept  2016     Girls and Horses Go Together

Show my new watch but not my face

Susan Birthday Aug 2016

Susan and Thunder  Aug  2016

Thunder the Horse  Aug 2016

Jessica in Texas

Jessica came to visit in Texas  July 2016

Gina and Trixie  April 2016     Big Spider  June 2016 Not my Pet

Gina and Trixie  April 2016                         Lee and His Pet Tarantula June 2016

Not my Pet Either

Stealth Moth  Dec  2016

           Laurie Drum            Laurie Piggy Perch

Lori at Ingleside Tx, September 2015

Kissing that Flounder Lori at Port Isabell Tx,  Dec 2015

Lori at Port Isabell Tx,  Dec 2015

Debbie the Texan and s

Debbie the Texan Celebrating the 2015 Houston Texans with Beautiful Heidi Cluck by my side

Michelle with Gina's New Baby  Jan 2016

Michelle with Gina's New Baby Jan 2016

 2 Leg Pup - And Happy to be Alive - Fin McKool

2 Leg Pup - And Happy to be Alive -- Mr. Fin McKool

Bill's Harley ElectraGlide   Dec 2014

Bill's Harley ElectraGlide   Dec 2014

Dallas Furman a Good Friend of the Store

Retired Dallas Furman  February  2015

Lisa and Eva  Dec 2014

Lisa - Eva   Dec  2014

Calico and Gina Feb 2015

Calico and Gina Feb 2015


Gina  Kaleb and Jeri   January   2012 Same Smile 3 times

Gina  Kaleb and Jeri   January  2012

     Valerie Hernandez June 2011 Ten Years Old   Valerie Hernandez June 2011  - Fishing Spot

Valerie (Age 10) 1st Catch - 18 Inch Drum Caught June 30, 2011- Baffin Bay

  Gilbert and Big Trout  March 2012 Jim's Redfish Palacios TX Sept 2011

Lorenzo Deer November 2010     Gilbert Trout 3-14-12      Jim's Redfish  Sept 2011


 Dallas Cowboy Page          Houston Swimming Pool    Tammy Family Pics

The brick and mortar part of our business began life as a convenience store in Central Texas over 25 years ago. It has changed and moved several times and now located in South Texas just outside Kingsville and 35 miles from beautiful Corpus Christi. We have evolved into hunting and sporting goods through the years and now expanded to the internet. We began selling snake boots online as an extension of what we do in South Texas and the boot business has grown to multiple sites.  The buttons on the left will direct you to some of these sites. There are also two camouflage clothing websites and other sites planned for the future. We hope you remember us for your footwear and camouflage needs

        Justin Boots and Justin Ropers     Chippewa Boots Wellington Packers Loggers Work Boots      

Snake Boots from Major Manufacturers         Rocky Boots

       New John Deere boots for men women and kids

                   Rick and Pat's morning hunt

Early morning bow hunt on the King Ranch, the Ley brothers, Rick and Pat, shot this whitetail deer, a turkey, and two Nilgai. The Nilgai is an antelope brought over from India in the late 1800's to supplement meat on the south Texas ranches. Their tough hide and wary nature make them difficult to stalk and kill but they thrive in the arid pastures that are so much like their home country and they are delicious to eat. To take a Nilgai with a bow and arrow is quite an accomplishment that few people have achieved.

             Irish Setter Shoes and Boots       Georgia Durango and Dickies Boots       Justin Boots and Justin Ropers          Double H Boots               


Justin and Chippewa Snakeboot Billboards              Chippewa history

Rider the Cat

Ride-A-Long, store's pest control service.....   :-)
He arrived at the store in the fender or maybe the engine, of a truck that had come from Corpus Christi. It stopped and someone saw him jump out from under the truck...The man who owned the truck, this little critter had stowed away in (I think Stow-Away would have been a cute name, too) didn't want him, so Bill decided to keep him and named him Ride-a-long. He is one stubborn, fearless little beast!!!! He has put poor Sandy Dog in high gear more than once, and he likes to attack from behind, when you least expect it.
Lee took him to the vet and got him fixed and his beginning shots.   Technically he is Bill's cat....but finds his way from Bill's apt, to Lee's late at night and curls up with him to sleep, seems he doesn't like to be alone. 


Rider Looking for Something to Attack

Rider in Attack Mode


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White Christmas in Texas
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First Granddaughter - Rhiannon Elizabeth  9 - 13 - 2012 

We Love Tammy

Tammy  May 2010

 Fall in Oklahoma out on the Farm

Fall 2009   ---   Out on the Farm in Oklahoma

Hunting Boots -- Danner has long traded on the strength of the consumer demand for their bootmaking craftsmanship. A big part of that legacy = and the ability to sell unrelenting quality - rests on our traditional styles. But that's only part of the story. Breakthrough technologies have repeatedly answered the call for faster, lighter, more nimble hunting boot options. The real revolution for began with our TERRA FORCE (R) technology which provides more boot with less weight. Then came our TFX platform, with its X-frame design and excellent heel-to0toe energy transfer. Today, boots such as our TFX Hunter Light and the all-new Grand Slam serve notice that our quest for ever-better hunting boots is far from over.

Work Boots - A Working man's boots say a lot about his brains. Everyone who collects a paycheck gets judged every step of the way. That's just how it is. And that's partly why we build our premium footwear to stand tall on the job site. With a level of comfort that justifies the price. And a measure of strength and stability and safety that leave the OSHA guys twiddling their thumbs. So sure, some guys buy our boots to make a statement. But most guys buy astm rated work boots because it's the smart thing to do.

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